GPL has gone fine-free!

As of today, Friday, March 12th, GPL has gone fine-free!

Throughout most of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, GPL halted the accumulation and collection of fines and fees as part of our covid-19 response. Given a year to observe the effects of being fine-free on the library, we were better equipped to make this decision and adopt this strategy officially.

What does this mean for patrons? First and foremost, overdue fines will no longer accrue on patron accounts. Administration fees for the processing of lost/damaged items and collections referral will no longer be charged. In addition, all fines of the above referenced type have been waived from all patron accounts that incurred those fines, resulting in a clean slate for almost everyone!

We would like to stress that patrons are still responsible for lost or damaged items, and that the associated replacement cost of those items will be charged to patron accounts in the event they are marked lost or damaged. Similarly, accounts with standing replacement fees for lost or damaged items will not see those charges waived. If this presents a difficulty, please let us know and we will work towards a solution. Patrons will still receive regular notices for overdue items, though they will not be charged for them.

Please inquire here or by calling 260-357-5485 if you have any questions about this new policy. GPL is more excited than ever to make our services more accessible to everyone.