Important Changes to Libby & Overdrive

The Garrett Public Library has long been a member of the OverDrive Consortium called
Northeast Indiana Digital Library (NIDL) to provide access to our digital materials through the
Libby and Overdrive Apps. The Indiana State Library is making available a larger OverDrive
Consortium called Indiana Digital Library (IDL). Last month, NIDL made the decision to merge
with IDL. Garrett Public Library will be switching on March 1st. There may be disruptions to
OverDrive services during the transition, although we anticipate those disruptions to be
We are excited for the change, because it will give our patrons access to a collection of
books, audiobooks, and magazines from almost 200 libraries across the state. The Indiana State
Library will be paying the platform fees for the group. That means 100% of local library funds
will be used to purchase materials.
The new consortium will also have a team of librarians who will be actively monitoring holds
and purchasing additional copies for books that have long wait lists. This means you shouldn’t
have to wait as long to get the books you want to read.
Some things to note:

  1. You will need to log in to the Libby App again, using the same username and password
    you currently use.
  2. Items you currently have checked out and your hold list will still be there when you log
    back in.
  3. Your reading history will not be there. If you want to keep your reading history, you can
    download it. Here’s how:
    a. Libby – exporting reading history
    b. OverDrive-exporting reading history
  4. If you currently use the OverDrive app, you might consider making the switch to the
    Libby app. The OverDrive app is being phased out and the Libby app is OverDrive’s
    updated version of it’s original app.

    If you have any questions during the transition, please do not hesitate to reach out to the
    library at 260-357-5485.