Databases make large collections of research material viewable over the Web. The Garrett Public Library is proud to offer access to the following databases:

Ancestry Library Edition


This invaluable genealogical tool provides access to near-countless census records as well as specific census collections.

Heritage Quest


In addition to census records, this database provides access to genealogical books and serials with collections dating back to the Revolutionary War.

Auto Repair Reference Center

Auto Repair

This comprehensive database provides easy access to a multitude of everyday maintenance solutions. By inputting the make, model, and year of your vehicle you can learn how to change a tire, replace a windshield wiper, reduce wear on your engine, and much more. Get in touch with your inner auto mechanic.

Consumer Reports 


Need a new television?  Would you like to find out what kind of gas mileage your old clunker is getting compared to a different model?  Consumer Reports is a consumer information service that objectively rates products to give consumers the tools they need to make informed purchases.



Provides Indiana citizens with access to a very large collection of databases. Users will find a research center with encyclopedias, dictionaries and more. Also, access to Indiana’s unique cultural and historical heritage is provided. An extensive testing site includes sample tests.  And, have access to Indiana’s tree identification site.

Rocket Languages


Learn to speak a wide variety of world languages using this database’s written and spoken language lessons – learn to live the language with comprehensive cultural and contextual lessons.

Small Engine Repair Reference Center

Small Engine

Whether it be a tractor, lawn mower, generator, or motorcycle, most of us rely on some form of small engine in our life, and most of us need a spot of help when those engines go kaput. With step-by-step directions for various makes and models of products, even the biggest jobs become doable with this handy database.

Gale Legal Forms


Chilton Automotive Library



Garrett High School Yearbook Database

Indiana Memory